Living well means living without tension. At Motivity Massage & Fitness, we offer specialized massage therapy in Seattle using our one-of-a-kind, innovative technique called the Motivity Method. This technique is a combination of deep Lomi massage, neuromuscular massage therapy, Thai massage, and our own unique techniques. We also offer deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Somassage, and massages for athletes.

Over years of experience and careful practice, the Motivity Method has allowed us to process and dispel the tension our patients carry, helping them achieve lasting relief.

We genuinely love being in Seattle want to share the results of our Motivity Method with our friends and neighbors. Come see us and start living well.

​​​the power of moving or producing motion

Donovan Loomis started Motivity Neuromuscular Massage and Fitness 

mo tiv ity  

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